Saturday, 10 February 2018

"had to wait for a translator to become available" 
10 February 2018

[…] "An 18-year-old asylum seeker who didn’t speak English was forced to defend himself at an immigration tribunal.
The young man fears that his life is in danger if he is returned to Egypt having arrived in the UK under three years ago.
As his English was limited, he had to wait for a translator to become available so he could understand the proceedings." […]

Friday, 26 January 2018

"absence of a Polish interpreter" 
26 January 2018

[…] Lasek was brought from custody for a hearing before the Recorder of Bradford Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC this morning (Fri), but the absence of a Polish interpreter meant he was not asked to formally enter his plea to the murder charge. […]

"she was unable to understand the interpreter" 
26 January 2018

[…] However, Lawrence Watts, mitigating, said she was unable to understand the interpreter provided that was provided by police through 'Language Line' and she may have thought the police car flashing its lights was 'shorthand that implied - please get out of my way'. […]